Ancorex® surface treated anchorage post system has been designed to represent the ultimate titanium post.

Can be used as a cemented post or as a screwed in post.

How To use Ancorex


  • Prepare rootcanal endodontically as usual.
  • Use spiral cut bur to open up rootcanal.
  • Select appropriate size of Ancorex post according to X-ray.
  • Prepare rootcanal with Ancorex reamer: a) if post is to be screwed in, use same reamer number as post (i.e. 2-2, 4-4, etc.) b) if post is to be cemented, use reamer one number above post number (i.e. 2-3, 4-5, etc.).
  • Dip post into cement; only slightly if to be screwed in. If post is to be cemented, use paste filler spiral to rotate cement down into rootcanal, insert post and keep it in place for about 2 minutes.
  • If build-up is to be made with composite material, paint composite Enamel Bond on the head of the Ancorex post to increase retention in build-up material. Ancorex post head is sandblasted to provide retention with enamel bond.
  • Make build-up of crown core in amalgam or composite and prepare for crown.

20 sizes:
Always the right size for every possible case.
Calibrated reamers:
Posts come in thickness sizes 1-6. Reamers assorted 1-7. If post is to be screwed in, use reamer of same number as post. If post is to be cemented, use reamer one number larger than post.

Ancorex Kit
5 each size


Assorted box with 5 posts each size: 100 posts, 1 hollow key, 1 cross key


Refill with 10 posts
All posts the same size Nr 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6
S/short M/medium L/long
XL/extra long only Nr 4 & 6


Reamers assortment (triangular)
S 1-7 short, assortment of 7 pcs
L 1-7 long, assortment of 7 pcs
Reamers refill (triangular)
3 pcs all the same size


Cross key for narrow cavities.

Pure titanium 99.6% (specification: 99.6% Ti, 0.03% N2, 0.10% C, 0.013% H2, 0.05% Fe, 0.20% O2). Titanium has no chemical reaction, no corrosion and is light in weight, yet very strong. Titanium is absolutely tissue compatible and is the metal mostly recommended for human implants.
Cylindrical-conical. 2/3 of length absolutely cylindrical for best retention, 1/3 of length 3° conical to avoid stress in the apex area of the root.
Special thread:
Thread designed to give mechanical retention in the dentine when screwed in or to give retention in the cement if post is cemented.
Head design:
Slot around head to provide mechanical retention to build-up material composite or amalgam. Head also has cross cut to make use of handy cross key.
Evacuation slot:
Slot along threaded part to allow escape of excess cement which might otherwise cause pressure in the apex.