Dental Gold Plated cross head:

High quality precision finish in a special lead free alloy, conical shaped. Thread made similar to that of a modern self-tapping screw. Gold plated screw posts electrolytically plated with a thick layer of 24 K gold.

Dental Stainless Steel cross head:

Same shape and number as the gold plated but in strong resilient non corrosive surgical quality stainless steel.

Dental Titanium cross head:

Once again same shape and number but in strong 99.8% pure titanium, which is tissue compatible and is the metal mostly recommended for humain implants.

Dental Titanium composite head:

The titanium dental post in titanium with a composite head provides increased mechanical retention in the composite build up material (only use Nordin hollow key). Also this post comes in the same sizes, shapes and numbers as the other Dental brand posts.

How to Use Nordin Screw Posts

Use a reamer that will match the selected screw post. The root canal should be enlarged with the reamer and deepened to desired depth. Eccentric movement of reamer should be avoided. Using key, the post should be screwed into the root to check the length of the canal. When this is done remove the screw post. After cleaning and drying the root canal and the post, the post is dipped into cement and screwed home. A screw placed in the mesial and distal canals gives a good anchorage. Screw posts give this possibility, because of the good variation in sizes.

dental05 dental06 dental07 dental08

Sizes & packaging


Assortment 60

Assorted box with 3 screw
posts each size 60 screw
posts, 1 hollow key,
1 cross key

Assortment 120

Assorted box with 6 screw
posts each size 120 screw
posts, 1 hollow key, 1 cross key

Assortment 240

Assorted box with 12 screw
posts each size 240 screw
posts, 1 hollow key, 1 cross key


Refill with 6 screw posts

(Gold Plated and Stainless
Steel: 12 screw posts)
All screw posts the same
size Nr 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6
S/short M/medium L/long
XL/extra long only Nr 4 & 6

Reamers assortment (spiral)
S 1-6 short, assortment of 6 pcs
L 1-6 long, assortment of 6 pcs

Reamers refill (spiral)
3 pcs all the same size

Cross head


Composite head


Reamer (spiral)