Radiopaque & light transmitting fiber post

Glassix Plus is the latest generation of highly radiopaque & light transmitting fiber post. Anatomically shaped to fit the root canal (cylindro-conical) with a colour coding for easy identification and mechanical retentions they come in 4 different sizes.

For corono-radicular reconstructions.

Radiopacity % aluminium equivalent:                   Flexural strengh Mpa:



Optimal radiopacity (350%Al.)
Light conducting for the use of Dual curing resin cements.
Anatomically shaped with a helicoïdal structure – twisted groves – that gives mechanical retention
without any breakage points.
Elasticity close to natural dentine (20 Gpa)
Enhanced mechanical properties (1500Mpa)
Aesthetic thanks to its translucent matrix.
100% biocompatible- epoxy free


The outstanding feature of Glassix is that it has an esthetically pleasing toothcolor which will blend with and not show through the composite restoration.

How to use Glassix Plus

  • 1. After completed endo treatment, open canal with pilot reamer.
  • 2. Calibrate canal with Glassix +
  • 3. Insert post for fit.
  • 4. Etching
  • 5. Dry with paper points.
  • 6. Apply Layer of bonding
  • 7. Insert post, cement and light cure.
  • 8. Post is cemented and build up started.
  • 9. Finished work.

is supplied
in a kit with
4×5 Glassix +plus
+ 4×1 Reamer
+ 1 Pilot Reamer



GLASSIX+plus is also available
in refills of 10 pcs each size.
Glassix +plus Refill No. 1: ø1.2-ø0.6
Glassix +plus Refill No. 2: ø1.5-ø0.8
Glassix +plus Refill No. 3: ø1.8-ø0.9
Glassix +plus Refill No. 4: ø2.0-ø1.0