DROPSIN is a compound of minerals selected for their protective and adhesive properties. The main components are zincoxide, calcium hydroxide, aluminium hydroxide, magnesium oxide, etc.

DROPSIN powder and liquid should be mixed to a creamy consistency and “dropped” into the cavity by means of an explorer, excavator or small burnisher. It adheres to tooth structure instantly on contact, even if moisture is present.

DROPSIN sets hard enough in 1 to 1.5 minutes to permit packing of an amalgam obturation. Whether the cavity is deep or shallow, easy to reach or in an awkward hard-to-keep-dry gingival position, there is never a problem to make DROPSIN stay in place.
No sticking to instruments. If a cavity’s margin becomes accidentally covered by the mixture, cleaning will not cause unintentional removal of the actual cavity lining.
Easy handling combined with greatest economy.
A biologically harmonious protection and leakproof lining in one unique product.

DROPSIN seals the dentinal tubuli instantly and when set represents an inert mineral providing a perfect chemical and thermal barrier under silicate, acrylic, amalgam and composite obturations.

DROPSIN is unequaled for sealing off medications of any kind including surgical packs containing oils. Some practitioners use it in combination with iodoform or antibiotics for special effects.

DROPSIN has been used by itself for many years with complete safety in cases where phosphate cements are contraindicated because of too close a proximity to the pulp or even near-exposures.

In preparing crowns or inlays, DROPSIN has been of incalculable value to the profession. If for instance during the procedure a piece of enamel is chipped off, a quick mix of DROPSIN restores the contour promptly and work can proceed normally. When the impression is taken, the DROPSIN “repair” will stay intact at the place it was applied.

DROPSIN can also be used succesfully for protecting broken off incisal edges for a certain time. The mix is radiopaque and near colourless and will, therefore, not cause any discoloration in anterior teeth even under thinnest enamel layer.

is supplied in a kit
with 45 g powder and
15 cc liquid
available separetly

Zinc oxide
Magnesium oxide
Aluminium hydroxide
Calcium hydroxide
Silic acid
Bismuth oxide

45 gr


Phosphoric acid
Aqua dest.
Aluminium hydroxide
Zinc chloride

15 cc