Lamel® composite bonding cement

There is no need for primer or bonding agent with Lamel®. The material is applied directly to the clean composite post. In addition, the material can be injected into the prepared root canal. Place the composite post into the canal and hold in position for 20 – 30 seconds. Lamel® ensures a strong bond between the composite and the post, as well as to the sides of the root canal. It is sometimes helpful to lightly abrade the root canal surface for added mechanical retention. Of course, Lamel® is also suitable for most other indications where composite cement is used.

How to use this product

  • Fig. 1. Old bridge 23,24,25,26 is removed
  • Fig. 2. Standard Gates reamer N
  • Fig. 3. Calibrated Glassix® reamer is used to adapt shape and size of canal to selected Glassix® post.
  • Fig. 4. Glassix® post is tested to fit in prepared canal.
  • Fig. 5. Lamel® composite resin cement is injected with disposable auto mix tip directly into the root canal.
  • Fig. 6. Glassix® post placed in root canal and cemented.
  • Fig. 7. Core build up composite in a core form placed over shortened Glassix® post.
  • Fig. 8. Cores ready for impression and new bridge.

LAMEL is supplied
in a kit with
1 syringe 6 g + 10 Tips
Tips available separetly




Film thickness: 10 microns
Adhesion to etched human enamel*:
1200 psi (8.3 MN/m2)
Relative adhesion to gold*:
09-10 Hardness (Barcol): 88
Diametrical tensile strength
at 30 min: 4200 psi (29 MPa)
Compressive strength at 30 min:
24,000 psi (165 MPa)
Working time (23°C/73°F)**:
180 seconds
Setting time (23°C/73°F):
max. 5 min

Solubility in water:

below 0.2% pH: neutral
alumna. Relative to the adhesion
of Zinc Phosphate Cement taken as 1.
Data for other cements: glass ionomer
4-4.5 polycarboxylate cement 6-7.5.
** Curing time may be prolonged by
refrigerating the material just before use.


Aromatic dimethacrylate
Aliphatic dimethacrylate
N, N bis (2-hydroxyethyl)
Benzoyl Peroxide
Titanium dioxide
-toluene (BHT)

* Blasted with 20 microns

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